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The Republic of Texas was created on March 2nd, 1836 after the Texans had won the War of Independence. The newly named Texan people were quite diverse. For about 30 years a large influx of white immigration and quick population growth made the white section of the population the largest.

After the War of Independence the Provisional Government of Texas (1835-1839) made all

Republic of Texas flag
The official flag of the Republic of Texas since 1839. Served during the First, Second and Third Republics
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Mexicans within the country sign a loyalty contract. Those that refused were kicked out of the country and all possible dissenters were deported. At the end of it all the Mexican population was only around half of what it used to be but was a very loyal, hard working minority and were from henceforth not known as Mexicans but instead as Hispanics. This was due to breaking off ties with Mexico and becoming more integrated into Texan society.

The Native Indian population (generally called Native Indian over Native American in the Fractured Timeline) was small but the portions that had survived had adapted to European diseases and were strong and were treated better under the Texans than the Mexicans and quickly became loyal.

Despite being better treated under the Texan government the Hispanics and Native Indians are still second class compared to whites and would stay this way until the Second Republic under the Locke Administration where they were more equal but whites were still top of the social ladder.

The Government of the Republic was based off the proposed United States Consitution (which was never ratified) albeit with some changes. The Republic saw what had happened to the U.S. with the Articles of Confederation and wanted to avoid a similar fate.

The Texan Constitution created a Republican Government with the individual states maintaining some local power but subservent to the central government. The Republican Government is led by the President who is voted on by a majority vote. The Vice-President is essentially powerless but does head the Senate.

There is a unicameral Congress which is solely the Senate headed by the VP. Each state has 3 Senators and there are 39 states by 1840 (Which is when all the other unorganized territory surrouning the Republic was annexed peacefully: New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana). The real life states of OTL are divided up into many smaller states in the FTL (Fractured Timeline).

The Senate resides in the State Capitol while the President resides in the Presidential mansion. The Supreme Court (established 1838) resides in the Hall of Justice. All of these were in Houston but than moved to Austin, the new and growing capital.

In 1842 Texas annexed the lawless area known as Kansas became divided into 4 states and part of the Republic. In 1886 the Republic went to war against the Californian Federation over border disputes. The War of 1886 lasted 2 years and ended with a Texan victory due to better leadership and tactics. The republic annexed the eastern half of the Californian Federal State of Phoenix (Arizona). This new territory was divided into two states bringing the total to 45 states.

Throughout the remainder of the 19th and early part of the 20th century the Republic remained very much the same as it did since its creation. Slavery continued in the Republic with the Negroes toiling in the fields. Discontent was growing amongst the Negroes with dangerous repercusions awaiting.

The Republic joined the League in 1906 and a semi-cold war devoloped between the League and the Alliance. In 1914 Archduke Franz Ferdinad of the Alliance nation of Hungary (renamed in 1907 when the Austrian portion of the country was annexed by Germany, peacefully) was killed by Serbian terrorists.

The Great War was very much the same in the FTL as in OTL with the main exception as war in North America. The Great War lasted 4 years and the League lost with an Alliance victory which Germany and California were a part of.

The post-Great War Republic suffered massive reparations and many politcal parties arose from both the left and right to try and change the nation. See Political Parties of Texas.

In 1932 the National Patriotic Party of Texas (NPPT) came to power and quickly began turning the nation into a one party state dictatorship. When the NPPT came to power the President and Party Chairman Harold Locke renamed the Republic into the Second Republic of Texas (essentially the Texan version of the Third Reich).

The Era of the Second Republic lasted from 1932-1945 which the country participated in the Second Great War and the Great Negro Genocide.

After the SGW (Second Great War) Texas was divided into two nations between California and the Union of Socialist Protectorates of Mexico. These two nations were the "Third" Republic of Texas and the People's Socialist Union of Texas with the Third Republic being allies with California and the PSUT was allies with Mexico. TPat151 06:53, April 4, 2012 (UTC)

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